Monday, February 18, 2008

A day off

Yeah for a day off from school! I thought I would make stuff I usually don't have time to make today. I started off making homemade noodles for dinner tonight. I can't wait for that. Then I made waffles for the first time. I got a waffle maker for Christmas and I have been anxiously waiting for the right time to use it.
I have looked and looked for a waffle recipe and found so many. I finally decided on this one. These were really good. The waffles were HUGE! This batter made 3 1/4 waffles on my maker. Just eating that one 1/4 would have been enough! I did add a little cinnamon to the batter but I really coudln't taste it. I would love to make these again with some sauteed apples on top!

1 and 3/4 cups flour
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 and 1/2 cups milk
2 eggs, separated
2 TBSP butter, melted

Sift all of the dry ingredients together (I just whisked them all in a large bowl). Beat the egg whites until they reach a stiff peak. Mix together the milk, egg yolks, and butter together. Add the milk mixture to the flour mixture and stir until combined. Fold in the egg whites until combined. Place batter in your waffle maker until done.

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