Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WLW- Chapters 16-18 Making Your Home a Haven

Have you ever thought about how much you set the tone for your home?
I desire greatly for our home to be a haven. My husband has a tiresome job and that job comes home with him every night. I want him to be able to relax once he is home. To put work aside as much as he can and just rest. In order for that to be possible I have to help make it happen.

In Courtney's book she shares about her homemaking and her struggles with it.  Lately I have felt overwhelmed with taking care of our home. The weekends of the past few months have not been restful to me. Instead I am checking off my to do list and barely making time for friends or doing other things I enjoy.
I love the encouragement and ideas Courtney offers in her book. She doesn't just offer ideas on how to keep your home tidy but how to fill your home with peace and love.

In the fall Courtney also shares a Making Your Home a Haven challenge on her blog. The past few years I have tried to participate in it. She has a challenge to light a candle in your home each day and to pray for peace in your home as you walk by that candle. I love to do this not only for that time in prayer but also it is something my husband loves to come home to. I usually have a few more candles lit and just some lamps turned on. He says he loves how cozy the home feels and it makes him so happy to be home.

My desire is for him to feel that way about our home constantly. I help set the atmosphere for the way our home will be. Through the Lord's help I pray that I make our home a peaceful haven.

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