Sunday, February 24, 2013

Menu Plan

I loved having another three day weekend! I was able to accomplish so much around the house and spend some time in the kitchen. Now I'm sure when we have to make up the ice day on spring break  I won't be as excited but for now the extra time was much appreciated.

I have a few more meals planned this week than last. We actually had dinner on Sunday night which can sometimes be a hit or miss depending on what we had for Sunday lunch. There have been many Sundays where we just have popcorn for dinner!

I hope you can get some ideas to add to you meal plan for the week.

Sunday: Stuffed Shells, Garlic Parmesan pull apart bread (I will post the recipe this week), Green beans
Monday: Grilled Deli Sandwiches using my bread I made on my extra day off!
Tuesday: Unstuffed Peppers
Wednesday: Dinner at Church
Thursday: Chicken Tortilla Soup
Friday: Out

Breakfast for the week: Strawberry Sweet Rolls (I will also be adding the recipe later this week)

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