Monday, January 13, 2014

WLW- Chapter 1

Walking with the King
Courtney always ends her blog posts and videos with her signature, Walk with the King!

How is my walk with the King? There are times when I can say my walk is great but many times I know I fail at carving out time to be fully devoted to my King. In this chapter Courtney talks about slowing down and taking the time to hear from God as well as spend time with him.

I need to strive each day to slow down and walk with my King.
How will I do this? I know I need to get up earlier and start my day with him. Lately I haven't been so great about this. I do a quick read through from a devotional book and a short prayer and that's it for the day. I desire to dive into the word and have a meaningful prayer time each day. This will be tough for me but I will pray for God to help me rise each morning  and start the day with him. I also need to make time each day to hear from God and find rest in him. That can be hard because once I'm at school and as soon as I get home I just start going and don't stop and then I don't take the time to listen for God.

Do you have any tips on how you walk with the King?
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